. Serenella's Castle

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX

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Some Personal Info:

What does the name Serenella mean?

Serenella is the Italian equivalent of Wisteria in the United States, and is a deciduous woody vine that grows with rampant vigor. Plants will grow to 30 ft and will overwhelm any structure if they are allowed to run. Easily controlled with hard prunings after flowering and in mid-winter. Free-flowering habit and long panicles of extremely fragrant blooms. May be trained over stonework or fencing. Soak seeds in warm water for 24 hours before sowing. There is also a relatively new cultivar available called 'Rosea' which bears the same long racemes of flowers, but they are a surprising pale pink.

Everything else

I was born in Buenos Aries, Argentina. My Mother is Italian, my Father is Croatian. I adopted an Italian citizenship. So I feel I'm both of them. I have spent a lot of years in Mar del Plata, Argentina and consider it my home land.

Mar del Plata, Argentina, or La Perla del Atlantico (The Pearl of the Atlantic).

Argentina is well known for our pampas, gauchos (Argentinean cowboys), and the Tango. But there are many other things to see.

Gauchos on parade during a festival

Want to escape to Argentina? Here's a site that will help you.

and my other home


My Love: Gardening

I just love to garden. I like the beauty, the life, and the diversity. I plant gardens wherever I am.

Some Other Likes

I also love to hike. These are some images of places I've hiked, and other favorite places.

I also like to ride my bikes: mountain bike These are some images and road bike These are some images

One thing I just love to do is to hang at a beach any time of the year.These are some images

I'm exploring kayaking.These are some images

Of course, I just love castles and gargoyles


Alhambra Castle

One of my favorite castles is Alhambra Castle in Spain. I spent a lot of time here while earning my Ph.D. Washington Irving wrote "Alhambra" based on this castle. More images
Other of my favorite Castles is Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. Build in 1869/86 by King Ludwig II. More images of bavarian Castles

Click here for more European Castles

Click here for Some American Castles

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